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Did you know your spa cover is likely feeding your meter? Practically all spa covers manufactured today use a styrofoam core. Styrofoam is not an effective insulator once it gets wet. When was the last time you removed the core and dried it out? My guess is never! Current sustainability green technology studies are raising an eyebrow concerning spa energy use and spa insulation ideas and spa covers are coming under closer scrutiny. For now, dry out that core and save money on your energy bill!
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Products and Services:    Service on ALL brands and models Authorized warranty repairs on Master Spas line. Periodic Maintenance including weekly, monthly scheduled visits for cleaning and equipment inspection and maintenance Renovation, retrofitting, and upgrades Consulting and training on new or existing hot tubs for electrical requirements, plumbing requirements, ease of access and handicap access needs, Installations on or in decks, real estate inspection needs for existing spas Water analysis testing and reports for spa related problems
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